Sire of 10 Canadian Sire or Dam of Merits
Sire of 6 American Sire or Dam of Merits

If you would like to view the beautfiul photo that Sandra Schell and Annette Clark had done of the beautiful painting done by Jessical Kozel that was auctioned off at the American Boxer Charitable Foundation auction and his litter sister Star, click here. .

Tied for #5 Producing Sire In The U.S in 2004

#1 Boxer in Obedience in Canada 2002

Boxer Club of Canada - Sire of the Year 2001 and 2002

Tied for #4 Producing Sire In The U.S in 2002

#6 Working Dog in Canada 2000

#1 Boxer in Canada 2000

#4 All Breed in Canada 1999

#1 Working Dog in Canada 1999

#1 Boxer in Canada 1999

#4 Working Dog in Canada 1998

#1 Boxer in Canada 1998

Date of Birth: October 12, 1996
Date of Death: December 20, 2004 (Lymphosarcoma)
Autopsy confirmed a healthy heart
OFA Hips: BX-1819G24M-T (Good)
OFA Heart (SAS): CA92/28M/S-PI (Clear) (Doppler)
Holter Monitor: Dec 11/04 8 years old - 5 single PVC (read by Dr. Kate Meurs)
7 years old - 2 single PVC
Eyes: Normal (CERF) Nov. 2000
Sire: Am. Ch. Bridgewood's B.K. Kahuna, SOM, LOM
    OFA Hips: BX-1335G68M (Good)
    OFA Heart (SAS): BX-CA187/108M/C (Clear)
Dam: Berlane's Just Causin Kaos, CDOM, CLOM
    OFA Hips: BX-2250G88F-T (Good)
Owners: Sharon and Ron Berry and Karen Deschambault
Litter Mates: Am. Can. Ch. Berlane's Wish Upon A Star, Am. Can. DOM, Am. Can. LOM (Star)
Can. Ch. Berlane's Wild Thing Stella, CD, Can. DOM (Stella)
Can. Ch. Berlane's Jig Saw Puzzle

Sabre has caused quite an "Uproar" in the show ring since his debut at six months of age. During Sabre's Canadian career he has been exclusively handled by his co-owner, Karen Oxtoby. Anyone who has watched these two both in and out of the ring has been witness to the strong bond and partnership which existed between these two. Anyone who has had a great show dog knows that they have to be born with structure, balance, movement and beauty, but they also must have showmanship, attitude and the desire to show. We produced him, but Karen made Sabre the showdog he is today. Sabre has great show attitude but is also an exceptional companion.

Both Karen and Sabre are very social and you will see Sabre working the crowd outside the ring. He demands everyones attention and if you ignore him, he barks at you until you do pay attention. He expects everyone has bait in their pocket just for him.

In the fall of 2000, Sabre proved that there is such a thing as beauty and brains, by earning his Companion Dog Degree in Obedience. In 2002 Sabre earned his Companion Dog Excellence Degreed (CDX) in obedience. Yet again proving you can have both beauty and brains.

In March 2001, Sabre became and American Sire of Merit.

In October 2003, Sabre became a Canadian Legion of Merit.

During 2004, Sabre competed as a veteran in 5 specialties. He won the Alberta Boxer Club Specialty under judge Cheryl Robbins. Sabre was awarded 3 award of merits, the Boxer Club of Canada National Specialty, Western Canada Boxer Club Specialties (both their April and August shows). At the Oregon Boxer Club Specialty Sabre was awarded Best Opposite Sex.

Sadly on December 20, 2004 Sabre lost a very brief battle with Lymphosarcoma. Less than a week from when the first symptoms appeared, Sabre passed away. The week prior to this he appeared lively and healthy. We repeated the breeding to Ch. Berlane's Aimin High, CDOM (Aimie) which previously had produced 3 American and 5 Canadian Champions in one litter, not knowing how quickly things were going to change. We are blessed that Aimie presented us with 6 healthy puppies on January 31, 2005. The legacy will carry on in his children and grandchildren. Rest in Peace sweet boy, we love you, we miss you and we thank you for the ride.

We attended the American Boxer Club National Specialty in Kentucky May 2005. Very talented artist Jessica Kozel painted Sabre and donated the painting for auction at the American Boxer Charitable Foundation auction. The painting earned $1900.00 and went to the only place where it truly belonged. The home of Karen Deschambault (Oxtoby), who loved and handled Sabre and coowned him with us. We had Sabre's litter sister, Star at the ABC and she received her DOM Plaque at the ABC Annual Dinner. While at the ABC, my good friends Sandra Schell and Annette Clark said don't ask any questions but we want to borrow Star. I knew they were up to something but had no idea what. Well, in my wildest imagination, I would not have dreamed what Annette and Sandra had planned. They had a photo done of Star and the painting of her brother Sabre. Words can not express what this photo means to me. There are always things in life that you cherish over others. This photo I will cherish forever. I also cherish the friendships I have made through our involvement with Boxers. If you would like to view the picture, click here. .

September 2008 Sabre became an American Legion of Merit.

Sabre's Show Record

Alberta Boxer Club Specialty 2004- Best in Specialty (veteran)
Western Canada Boxer Club Specialty 2004 (Apr) - Award of Merit (veteran)
Boxer Club of Canada National Specialty 2004 - Award of Merit (veteran)
Oregon Boxer Club Specialty 2004 - Best Opposite Sex (veteran)
Western Canada Boxer Club Specialty 2004 (Aug) - Award of Merit (veteran)
2002 - #1 Obedience Boxer in Canada
2000 - #6 Working Dog in Canada (in 16 shows)
2000 - #1 Boxer in Canada
1999 - #4 All-Breed in Canada (owner-handled!)
1999 - #1 Working Dog in Canada
1999 - #1 Boxer in Canada
1998 - #4 Working Dog in Canada
1998 - #1 Boxer in Canada
1998 - American Boxer Club Specialty - Reserve Winners Dog
1997 - #2 Boxer in Canada
1997 - #1 Boxer Puppy in Canada
    25 - Best in Shows
      10 - Best in Show Specialties
      3 - Best Working/Herding Specialties
      3 - Specialty Award of Merits
    11 - Best Puppy in Shows
    20 - Best Puppy in Groups

Sabre is tied with "Traper","Fashion Hint" and Shadrack as one of the #2 Producers of all time in Canadian History!

Sire of

65 Canadian Champions
36 American Champions
3 Phillipine Champion
2 Thailand Champion
3 Mexico Champion
1 Costa Rica Champion
2 Nicaragua
4 UKC Champion
10 Canadian Producers of Merit
8 American Producers of Merit

Sabre's Champion Kids

Am. BISS Can. UKC Ch. Berlane Spat's On West Shore
Can. Ch. Berlane's Picture This
Can. BPIS Ch. Berlane's Set A Blaze
Can. Ch. Berlane's Off The Top
Am. Can. Ch. Berlane N Bravo Hear Me Roar, Am. Can. DOM
Am. Can. Ch. Berlane N Saffine Make A Wish
Can. UKC. Ch. Berlane's It's All About Me
Can Ch Berlane N Saffire LeatherNLace
Am. Can. Ch. Berlane's Believe In Me
Can. Ch. Berlane's A Ruckus Among Us
Can. Ch. Berlane's Causin Havoc
Ch.Berlane Remember Me of Saffire
Can. Ch. Rikar's Turning Back Time
Can. Ch. Rikar's Uproar in Hollywood
Am. Ch. Alick's Caramel Cashew
Can. Ch. Allegro's Trimanor Zeal McGrue
UKC. Gr. Ch. Allegro's Causin A Commotion
Can. Ch. Allegro Trimanor Jamacamecrazy
Can. Ch. Bayridge Initial Review
Can. UKC. Ch. Bayridge First Debut, Can. DOM
Can. Ch. Bayridge Opening Act, Can. DOM
Am. Ch. Bolduc's Diamond in the Ruff
Can. Ch. Bowmak's Without Warning
Bowmak's Spellbound, Can. DOM
Can. Ch. Breka's Playing The Game
Can. Ch. Breka's Causin A Lot Of Noise
BIS Am. Can. Ch. Butler's I Like It I Love It
Can. Ch. Butler's Rumor Has It
Can. Philippine Ch. Butler's Stone Cold
Am. Ch. Cinnamon I've Been Seduced
Am. Ch. Denbar's Millennial Calendar Girl
Denbar's Millennial Dream Girl, Am. DOM
Am. Multi BISS Ch. Denbar's Rock N Roll King
Am. Ch. Denbar's Millenial Dream Warrior
Can. Ch. Edward's Elijah Boone
Am. Can. Ch. Emerald Mad About You, Am. Can. DOM
Am. Can. Ch. Emerald's Hot Rod
Am. Can. Ch. Emerald's Wild Irish Rose
Am. BISS Can. Ch. Encore's Jet Setter, Am. DOM
Am. Ch. Encore's Jazzman
Am. Ch. Encore's Judgement Day
Am. Ch. Encore's Jamboree
Encore's Java Jolt, CDX, NA, CGC, PDI
Am. Can. Ch. Encore's Bismark, Am. SOM
Am. Ch. Encore's Bacchus
Am. Ch. Encore's Baccarat
Am. Ch. Encore's Baroque
Am. Ch. Ensign's Bella Vita
Am. Can. Ch. Ensign's Causin Applause
Am. Ch. Ewing's Gentleman Jack
Am. Ch. Ewing's Southern Charm
Am. Ch. Glo-Star's Dream It My Way
Am. Can. Ch. Hi Times North of Naughty, Can. SOM
Am. Can. BIS Ch. Hi Times West of Wicked
Can. Ch. Hi Times East of Eden
Can. BISS Ch. Lynbary's Beau Lane
Can. Ch. Lynbary's Hendrix
Can. Ch. Lynbary's Earth Angel, Can. DOM
Can. Ch. MGM'N MYOHMY'S Spring Break
Am. Can. BIS BISS Ch. MGM's Stevie Ray Vaughan, Can. SOM
Can. Ch. MGM's Picture Perfect
Can. Ch. MGM's Some Kind of Wonderful, Can. DOM
Can. Ch. Minnetonka Kissed at Luckyjade
Can. Ch. Minnetonka's Star Kissed
Can. Ch. Malimi's Just Be Cause
Can. Ch. Malimi's Cause N Effect
Can. Ch. Mephisto's DaVinci Code
Can. Ch. Mephisto's Lord of the Ring
Can. Ch. Mephisto's Carbernet Sauignon
Can. Ch. Pengalli's Design for Annarva
Can. Ch. Pengalli's By Design
Can. Ch. Pengalli's Custom Design
Am. Ch. Rochil's High Command
Am. Can. Ch. Rochil's Lady Slipper, Am. DOM
Can. Ch. Rowenda's Venture Royale
Can. Ch. Rowenda's Dream On
Can. Ch. Rowenda's April Dream
Can. Multi BIS Ch. Rowenda's He Shoots He Scores
Am. MBISS GCh. Bda Ch. Can. Ch. Silverlane's Take No Prisoners
Am. Can. Ch. Silverlane's Excalibur. Am. SOM
Can. Ch. Silverlane's Time to Roar
Can. BPIS Ch. Silverlane's Victoria Secret
Mex. BIS Ch. Costa Rica Ch. Nicaragua Ch. SMD Bet Machine
Mex. Ch. SMD Bet on Red and Close Your Eyes
Am. Mex. Ch. SMD Russian Roulette
Thailand Ch Stardox-Noble's Amazing Grace
Thailand Ch Stardox-Noble's Amazing Charm
Can. Ch. Tricker's Cause I Can
Can. Ch. Tricker's Cause I'm Good, Can. DOM
Can. BPIS Ch. Uppercuts April Fourth Rose
Can. Ch. Valley RNB Uproar N Paradise
Can. Ch. Varsity's Roaring Thunder
Philippine Ch. X-Cellence of Prince Zephyr
Phil Ch X-Cellence Pledge to Zephyr

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